As you likely know, the building that Recess resides was sold last summer. There is a significant rent increase set to go into effect July 1, 2015,  at which time it will become unrealistic to continue operation without an increase in member dues.

When Kristin & I started Recess 7 years ago, it was with the commitment of providing a quality play space with a reasonable monthly membership fee structure. Community and accessibility are what have made Recess the special place it is. In order to stay true to our commitment to keep Recess as inclusive as possible, we are trying to be creative in our efforts to stay put.  By partnering with other local organizations in combination with increasing prices moderately, we may be able to swing it.  

But as we decide how to proceed with our existing space, your feedback is crucial.  Through this survey, our goal is to better understand how impending changes would effect your family and whether it makes sense for us to continue to operate at our current location.  

Please complete this survey just for our current members to help us understand the feasibility of remaining open in Potrero Hill.  Thank you all so much for your continued support.  





Please include your name & best contact info if you'd like.  It will help us follow up with you regarding comments or questions.  If you'd prefer to give your feedback anonymously, please do so.  Your input is the most important part of this so that we can make decisions about our location going forward. Thank you. 

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Membership Pricing Changes. To meet the increased overhead costs, Recess will need to increase the price of monthly membership for current members to $110/month, or $1100/year. (Pricing for folks new to Recess would start at $125). Would your family continue membership with this new price structure?
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Additional membership types. In order to meet the needs and budgets of more families, we are considering adding a few more membership options. Please note which you would be interested in
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